Green palms Gwadar dwellings is scrumptiously figured out intent. The colossal green palms is a venture of Rafi Group, who has devised many remarkable projects in Gawadar. With inclusion of Overseas district newly. Gwadar green palms has now become most build out housing project and its overseas district is sterling opening to settling in, if you want to live in a palatial upmarket privileged place in the belt.
The overseas district of the green palms, residential plan will add and opulence living to the community. Adepted, systematic street plans with well governed security and support system, will conferred by community developers.
With 1065 Acres ( 8520 Kanal ) approved NOC, green palms housing establishment is a mammoth global ratified project by Rafi group with trailblazing amenities, the accelerated progress is ongoing.


Green palms housing project, due to its strategic and prominent orientation it is truly a tactical gambit. It also presents you the first-hand commercial undertaking commanded to Makraan coastal highway.
The location of the project is 10 minutes from the central business district and only a few minutes drive to Kahaan Avenue from the beach. Tremendous productive and pecuniary schemes were deemed, and engaged by Gawadar port and elvated by the Makraan coastal highway, an ostentatious mercantile has also been on the docket. A four star hotel and a high-rise mall are also outlined. Green palms’ amour prope has been acclaimed from elevated bodies with in the country and outside, to boot.


The substantial mega venture is owned and mainly developed by Rafi group along with the planning partners MEIN HARDT Group. Rafi group is a major coloniser at both, residential and commercial development in Gawadar by launching Green palms housing project.


Rafi group land development (CEO Mr. Imtiaz Rafi Butt)
“A trusted name since 1978”
Inaugurated in 1978, its been more than 40 years now that they have been serving the nation by propitiously yielding real estate projects and creating value for our venerated clients.
The group has worked relentlessly, not just to put forward originative real estate conceptualization but also auspiciously finalized all the projects of their esteemed customers.
Their accounted accomplishments are as follows;

  • Hall road centre
  • Empress tower
  • Empire centre
  • Defence shopping mall
  • Rafi plaza
  • Landmark plaza
  • Central plaza
  • Zaitoon plaza
  • Green palms housing
  • Green acres (Farm housing scheme)
    And the legacy continues …


The global award (2021) Winner Company is planning partner of Rafi group in development of Gawadar green palms, they claim for “transforming cities, shaping the future”.



  • Singapore 45th anniversary.
  • Qatar brouchers.


  • Resilient cities connecting digital world.
  • Data centre services
  • Urban planning and designs


Green palms is NOC approved lodge, from Gawadar Development Authority (GDA) on 16-12-2020, authority released registration numbers,

  • 07/04/H.S/GDA (B).
  • 14/05/H.S/GDA (B).
  • 84/20/H.S/GDA (B).


Location is chiefly responsible for the modulation of purchasing factor, when it comes to residential buying or commercial investments. As far as location of Gawadar green palms is concerned, it is one of the best and paradigm of ideal living. Green palms is located at the focal point of the city, it is favorably located at the intersection of Makraan coastal highway (facing front 1.2Km) and Kahaan Avenue (facing front 1Km).


  • 6.5 Kms from beach, marine drive and Gawadar Bussiness District (GBD is just a few minutes away)
  • 3 to 4 Kms from tourists resort.
  • 7 to 8 Kms prevalent zero point at the Makraan coastal highway.
  • 25 Kms from Gawadar port.
  • 25 Kms from New Gawadar Internatinoal airport, which is southasia’s largest airport (4300 acres)
  • 60 Kms from Pakistan-Iran Border.


For provision of vitals infrastructure is being built below the ground i.e. a conventional attribute of present-day residential societies, sunkin energy, excrement and fresh water supply system along with exceptional ground-work and immediate data coms mesh, are being formulated to sustain the green palms housing scheme’s atmosphere untainted purified and upstanding.
The surrounding of the society includes Naval anchorage and Canadian city Gawadar, indistinguishable road also ends up in Gawadar golf city, which is at 25 minutes drive away.
Green palms housing society has residential and commercial plots of various sizes, ranging from 80 Sq. yards to 350 Sq. yards trivia tells;

  • 3.2 Marla (Residential)
  • 5 Marla (Residential)
  • 7 Marla (Residential)
  • 10 Marla (Residential)
  • 14 Marla (Residential)
  • 1 Kanal (Residential)
  • 2 Kanal (Residential)
  • 4 Marla (Commercial)
  • 8 Marla (Commercial)

The residential scheme will have duplet phase linked internally. Phase 1 which is under development has a central district which is developed with electricity and street lights installed.
The central district have the following blocks:

  • Platinum block
  • Ruby block
  • Gold block
  • Sapphire block
  • Opal block
  • Diamond block
  • Emerald block
  • Pearl block
  • Mercury block

Phase 2 has an overseas district, corporate block and Royal enclave.


The overseas enclave of green palms housing plan is distinctively mapped out for overseas Pakistanis with avant-garde amenities and new fangled global norms.
Overseas enclave propound the idea of modern living style and topnotch luxury like extensive road web and unexcelled security and maintenance system, all these and much more will compliment a safe serene lifestyle.
The block has wide front straighten out up-to a Kilometer on the Makraan coastal highway and a few minutes drive from central business district/marine drive downtown Gawadar.
Furthermore overseas enclave has all high-end provisions and easy access to finest commercial spaces.

See also: RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi


With the instigation of China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) in 2015, Gawadar became the pivotal to the economic development of Pakistan.
Phase 1 of the CPEC was predominantly focused on forging foundation and to flourish energy sector of Pakistan.
CPEC is now in phase 2 of development, no doubt CPEC is an ‘’era of economic evolution’’ this is a planned silk-route as well. CPEC will surely hammer out the progreesive opportunities of pakistan’s port shipping , major industries and other fundament.
Centeral Route ; Length = 1638 km
Eastern Route ; Length = 2686 km
Western Route ; Length = 2463 km


  • Gwadr deep sea port operational
  • Free zone phase 1 in gawadr operational
  • Gawdar smart port city master plan operational
  • Gawadr port received first Afghanistan Transit Trade (ATT) shipment January 2020 for international transit trade (ITT).
  • Saudi Aramco to invest for world’s third largest oil refinery in gawadr land acquisition under process
  • Phase 2 of free zone spans 2282 acres development under process
  • Development of centeral business district /downtown development under process
  • Gawadar east-bay expressway completion 2020
  • Construction of new gawadr international airport (NGIA) completion in 2022
  • Fresh water treatment plant in gawadr development under process
  • Coal-fired power project in gawadar with a capacity of 300MW completion 2023


Gawadar’s new approved master plan aims to shape gawadar into the omphalos of investment , trade,industry and tourism in south asia.

Salient features are:

  • Tourist resort
  • Centeral business hub
  • High- industrial zone
  • Modern sevice zone
  • Logistics storage zone
  • Free zone
  • Centeral manufacturing zone
  • Fishery processing zone
  • Heavy industry zone
  • Port industrial zone


  • Beautifuly designed grand mosque
  • Well equipped hospital
  • Community club
  • International standard school
  • More than 1 km front on Makran coastal highway
  • Electricity , gas , telephone , and other utilities
  • Well-connected wide roads web with green belt and eye-catching landscaping
  • 24/7 secured gated community
  • Minimum width of road throughout the plan 40ft
  • Underground electricity
  • Wide carpeted roads
  • Shopping malls
  • Post offices
  • Secured enterance from Bab-Madina
  • Perpetually supply of fresh water
  • Forward-looking infrastructure
  • Datacoms mesh
  • Sports zone
  • Parks with lush green gardens
  • Swimming pools
  • Monuments ,main gates , and watch towers development
  • Horticulture (floriculture + arboriculture)


The society has formulated very easy 4.5 years payment plan for both residential and commercial plots.

green palms Gwadar overseas district payment plan

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